Artificial Intelligence acculturation

Il est fondamental que vos équipes comprennent ce qu'est l'Intelligence artificielle et ces limites pour que votre organisation puisse vraiment bénéficier de cette technologie. Les nombreux cas d'usages présentés dans cet atelier contribueront à faciliter l'adoption de l'IA. Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste non-exhaustive des sujets couverts lors de cet atelier d'une demi-journée : 


AI Acculturation

It is essential that your teams understand what Artificial Intelligence is and its limitations so that your organization can truly benefit from this technology.

The many use cases presented in this workshop will help facilitate the adoption of AI in your company and inspire your teams.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of topics covered at this half-day workshop:

  • Real competitive advantage or hype

  • Definition AI (/ML)

  • Highlights of recent history

  • Machine-friendly tasks

  • Algorithm classes

  • Types of learning

  • Different algorithms

  • Use Cases 

  • AI Challenges, Sources of Innovation

  • Databases

  • Major players

  • Intellectual property

  • Development platforms

  • Machine Learning Mindset

  • Product LifeCycle (MLOps)

  • Building a team

MLCanvas workshop

Creating a system incorporating machine learning is more complicated than it looks.


This requires a variety of skills and informed collaboration:

  • Business acumen to identify potential and ensure the added value for all stakeholders

  • Mastery of technology, data science and system architecture for feasibility


The workshop begins with an introduction of the methodology, illustrated with specific cases, taken from well-known deployed solutions, for a better understanding.


I then guide your team and the application of the methodology on the needs of your project.

This workshop lends itself better to the one-day format.

Le mur des idées
Travail en équipe

Consulting services

I complement your team with my experience in innovation marketing and international product and team management.

  • market analysis

  • competition study

  • qualitative interviews with prospects

  • ROI justification, roadmap

  • research state of the art

  • data analysis, feasibility

  • partners identification

  • product specification

  • backlog prioritization

  • overseeing/animating agile projects

  • customers/suppliers interface

  • performance monitoring


(to be adjusted according to the needs of your projects)


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